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03.03.12 - Javier Kirksey - Ridgeview Wolf Pack
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Q: Do DVD's and Blu-Ray discs include the Play-by-Play and Player of the Game interviews?
A: Yes. All DVD's include the entire game with play-by-play along with the interview. In fact, when you watch a full game online, that's what you get on the DVD or Blu-Ray, except the quality of the audio and video is higher.
Q: I can't see any video. What do I do?
A: You need to have Silverlight installed on your computer and be using a compatible browser in order to view any live or on-demand content on our site. Please make sure you meet the minimum hardware requirements and have a broadband internet connection as well. If you meet the aforementioned requirements and still cannot view anything on the site, please send an email to customerservice@kbcsports.com and we will get back to you as soon as we can.
Q: How do I pay for a DVD or Blu-Ray of a game? Can I buy the play by play on CD?
A: We accept PayPal
We accept payments for a DVD or Blu-Ray using PayPal, which accepts most major credit cards or debits from your checking account. If you only want the play by play on CD, please send us an email at info@kbcsports.com with the game you would like to order and we will reply with an invoice.
Q: Why can I hear the audio but not see the video of your live broadcast?
A: Providing live video for a game depends upon there being a broadband connection at the event venue. As different schools have varying broadband availability, it impacts our ability to provide all games with live video. However, every game we cover will always include live audio.
Q: How do we get KBCsports to come out and cover our games? How do we find out more about your fundraising program?
A: Send us an e-mail with your school name and sport, plus your contact information, and a KBCsports representative will be in touch with you with more details.
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